Sound Level Meters | Noise & Vibration Measurement Equipment

Resonate are authorised resellers for Sinus Messtechnik sound level meters and noise & vibration measurement systems. Sinus Messtechnik have been providing 'Made in Germany' quality products since 1990.

Product examples include:

  • Hand-held sound level meters from low-cost Class 2 sound level meters to type-approved Class 1 sound level meters with 1/1 and 1/3 octave band analyzer.
  • PTB approved, long-term noise and vibration monitoring systems
  • Multichannel data measurement systems with up to 96 measuring channels.
Sound level meter
Source: Sinus-Leipzig

Tango sound level meter

The Tango integrating basic sound level meter is a compact, PTB-approved, basic Class 1 sound level meter for occupational and environmental safety applications. With an intelligent software design and a measuring range of 110dB, which does not require range switching, Tango is very easy to operate, despite its many functions, and enables even inexperienced users to measure and evaluate sound levels without errors immediately.

multi-channel acoustic and vibration measurement system
Source: Sinus-Leipzig

Soundbook acoustic and vibration measurement system

The Soundbook is a universal multi-channel acoustic and vibration measurement system, suitable for sound and vibration measurements as well as general engineering measurements. The high-performance 24-bit ADCs and the advanced Apollo filter processor combine highest precision, a large number of channels and a high signal bandwidth in one device. The robust Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 serves as base equipment for the Soundbook_MK2.

Noise Monitor
Source: Sinus-Leipzig

Tango Noise Monitoring System

The Tango_NMS web-based Class 1 noise monitoring station is a modified Tango sound level meter with accuracy class 1 according to IEC 61672. The Tango_NMS monitoring station provides the device basis for the web-based MUNISENSE long-term monitoring platform and was developed for the efficient monitoring of noise created by communities, commercially operated facilities and industrial plants as well as road and rail traffic.

A full range of equipment including sound level meters, noise monitors and multi-channel acoustic and vibration measurement system can be found on Sinus Messtechnik's Website