Environmental Noise Assessments | Noise Surveys

Resonate are experts in environmental noise surveys, noise assessments and noise prediction modelling. Having conducted assessments on a range of facilities from dairy plants to shooting ranges, airports to wind farms, the team has the skills to provide any facility with an understanding of noise impacts whilst also providing guidance and practical solutions to remedy any environmental noise problem.

Environmental Noise Assessments | Noise Surveys

A noise survey is a detailed assessment of the environmental noise levels associated with an area, industrial facility or commercial premises. It is common for annual noise surveys or noise assessments to required as part of a facility's EPA IPPC License Conditions, Waste Facility Permit or Planning Condition.

Resonate staff are all Members of the Institute of Acoustics and have the skills and experience neccessary to perform attended noise surveys with regard to the relevant standards and guidelines, including:

  • EPA Guidance Note For Noise (NG4),
  • ISO 1996: Acoustics Description and Measurement of Environmental Noise, and
  • BS 4142:2014 Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound.

Noise Impact Assessments | Planning Stage Acoustics Reports

Proposed new industrial or commercial developments can have a potential adverse noise impact on the surrounding area. Consequently, relevant authorities including local councils and the EPA require detailed information regarding the noise impact of the developments that may generate significant environmental noise. Such developments include industrial facilities, large commercial or residential complexes with rooftop plants as well as bars and music venues. Resonate have conducted noise impact assessments required for developments to successfully obtain planning approval.

Noise Prediction Modelling

Noise Prediction Modelling allows for a complete picture of a facility's noise footprint to be understood. Resonate uses SoundPLAN environmental noise modelling software, amongst others, to predict the noise impact of industrial facilities, commercial premises and transport infrastucture to allow for a complete understanding of the noise impact to be made. A noise model allows for a detailed understanding of each of the individual noise sources to be achieved before a development is started, allowing potential noise issues to be identified earlier in the design process. This can prevent significant time delays and reduce costs in the long run. Noise prediction modelling also provides additional insight when noise reduction of an existing facility is required, particularly when used in conjunction with site noise survey data.
Noise Survey | Noise Impact Assessment
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