Noise Monitoring | SMART Measurement Solutions

Resonate partners with Munisense to provide unique and affordable real-time noise monitoring solutions. The noise monitoring devices are connected through Munisenses’ INSIGHTNOW™ cloud platform where the data is stored in real-time for analysis, visualisation and reporting. The information from the platform can be viewed in a range of specific visualisations anytime, anywhere through a web browser or using phone or tablet apps.

Construction Noise Monitoring

The measurement of construction noise is characterised by long labour-intensive measurement sessions with meticulous analysis afterwards. The Munisense system makes this a lot easier. Noise meters can be installed easily at the building sites. Besides noise level, sound recordings help to differentiate between construction and background noise. In addition, the Resonate team of consultants can configure the system to translate noise measurements into suitable direct action, policy or advice.

Industrial Noise Monitoring

Resonate provide attended noise surveys and noise monitoring required for industrial facilities which have noise limits included in their IPPC license issued by the EPA or planning consent conditions. The Resonate team are trained in conducting noise monitoring in accordance with the relevant guidance or standard including:

  • EPA Guidance Note For Noise (NG4)
  • ISO 1996: Acoustics Description and Measurement of Environmental Noise
  • BS 4142:2014 Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound

Venue Noise | Music Noise Monitoring

Put simply, noise is unwanted sound. Although loud music may be desired in bars, clubs and music venues, it can conflict with the desired noise levels of the surrounding area. Unfortunately, traditional complaints-driven noise monitoring typically fails to control the impact of venue noise or to find a balance between the noise source and reciever. Resonate provide meters that can be installed quickly with a system that is easy to use and that provides automatic reports and alerts when levels are exceeded. This makes enforcement easier and complaints can be analysed faster. Ultimately, once a system is installed, complaints quickly diminish and a balance between the venue and the nearby sensitive recievers is achieved. Case studies of the successful implementation of such noise monitoring systems can be found on the Munisense website.

Noise Monitoring
Image from Munisense noise monitoring