Building Acoustics | Sound Testing

Resonate provides a full range of building acoustic services including acoustic design and sound testing for educational, residential and commercial developments.

TGD E | Sound Insulation Testing

Sound insulation testing is required on all residential developments with an adjoining dwelling to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations Technical Documents Part E on Sound 2014 (TGD E). These include all apartments, terraced and semi-detached housing developments which commenced on or after 1 July, 2015. The Resonate team of acoustic consultants have conducted sound testing of dozens of developments and are all full members of the Institute of Acoustics.

School Acoustics | University Acoustic Design

Appropriate acoustic design of buildings is highly significant in facilities where speech and communication is important. Notably, the acoustic performance of schools and universities has been linked with the academic performance of their pupils. Consequently, the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland has developed Technical Guidance Document TGD-021-5 which provides design guidance for the acoustic performance in new primary and post primary school buildings. The UK Government has issued a more detailed guidance document Building Bulletin 93 . Resonate's team of consultants have significant experience in acoustic design and sound testing of academic facilities.

Services include:

  • Sound insulation testing
  • Acoustic privacy or security and noise isolation
  • Auralisation
  • Internal environment to control reverberant noise and aid in speech intelligibility
  • Noise control from building services—internal and environmental noise
  • Building regulations compliance for residential buildings
  • Noise Assessment for BREEAM and LEED credits related to acoustics
  • Audio-visual
  • Construction phase


Our team has worked on many high profile building projects and aided in the design of:

  • Specialist acoustic spaces including theatres, television and movie studios, recording studios
  • Schools—music spaces, gymnasium and indoor sports centres, classrooms, hearing impaired learning area
  • Healthcare
  • Office and commercial spaces
  • Acoustic design and sound testing of multi-storey and mixed use residential buildings in Ireland, the UK and Australia
Sound Testing Ireland
Photo taken by Sean Mullarkey