Our Team

Resonate consists of experienced acoustic consultants, noise experts and specialists across Ireland, Australia and the UK. We have a wide range of expertise and knowledge in different fields of acoustics and vibration. Through knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst staff and external partners, we provide insight and value to our clients.

  • Acoustic Consultant Emmet English

    Dr Emmet English | Director

    As Director of Resonate Ireland, Emmet has over 13 years of experience as a professional acoustic consultant with experience on significant projects in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australasia, the Middle East and the USA. Emmet specialises in acoustics and vibration, with expertise in a variety of areas including environmental noise, vibration isolation and design, building acoustics design and transportation noise. He is a member of Engineers Ireland, the Institute of Acoustics and is a former committee member of the Australian Acoustical Society. Emmet has a strong technical understanding of acoustics and combined with his experiences provides clear, straight forward and practical solutions to potentially complex noise and vibration problems.

  • Acoustic Consultant Benny Cryan

    Benny Cryan | Acoustic Consultant

    Benny joined Resonate’s Dublin office as a technical officer in 2017, having owned an audio system and instrument design and repair business for over 11 years. Benny has been involved in numerous projects where a high attention to detail in acoustic assessment, design and advice have been critical. Benny combines his technical background in engineering and acoustics with extensive hands-on experience and effective communication skills to provide practical bespoke solutions to complex acoustic problems.

  • Senior Acoustic Consultant Maureen Marsden

    Maureen Marsden | Senior Acoustic Consultant

    Maureen has over 20 years of experience in acoustics across a broad range of sectors, including building acoustics, transportation and industrial acoustics. She has worked on projects in the UK, the Middle East and Ireland and has specialist expertise in environmental noise prediction and assessment with regard to transportation and industrial noise and building acoustics; particularly education spaces. A member of the Institute of Acoustics, she has worked on projects ranging from the Dublin Port Tunnel, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and Jazan Oil Refinery in Saudi Arabia.

  • Acoustic Consultant Matthew Stead

    Matthew Stead | Director

    Matthew has over 25 years of experience as a professional acoustic consultant in Australia and the USA and has expertise in a variety of areas including environmental noise, low vibration design, building acoustics design and transportation noise. Matthew has experience with noise both at the building rules consent and planning stages of a project and has provided acoustic advice to local government and to developers. He is a Federal Councillor for the Australian Acoustical Society, current Chairman of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) and an ASHRAE Technical Committee Member (T2.6) for Acoustics. He also remains an enthusiastic and prolific author of publications and technical papers on the subject.

  • Acoustic Consultant Martti Warpenius

    Martti Warpenius | Director

    Martti has almost 30 years of experience as a professional acoustic consultant in Western Australia, Brisbane and Sydney. Martti specialises in architectural and environmental acoustics. He has expertise in building partitions, internal acoustics, external noise intrusion as well as environmental noise from industry, roads and rail. He also has experience with vibration assessment and control. Martti has experience with noise at all stages of a project from initial concept through to completed construction. He is a former Chairman of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC). He has provided forensic acoustical evidence in tribunals and courts, has lectured Acoustics at the University of Queensland and has contributed to numerous technical papers and publications.

  • Acoustic Consultant Darren Jurevicius

    Darren Jurevicius | Technical Director

    Darren has over 20 years' diverse experience in the areas of air/underwater acoustics and vibration on national and international projects. He also has significant experience leading and developing multidisciplinary engineering and environmental teams/businesses in both New South Wales and South Australia. Darren has been an active participant on peer and various industry committees as well as assisting the South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet in a formal design review capacity. Darren brings significant learning from projects across all industry sectors; including transport, oil and gas, mining, building infrastructure and urban development, power generation, manufacturing, defence and government. He also has particular experience leading the technical development of government noise policy in the areas of building acoustics, road and rail infrastructure noise, underwater noise and music noise.

  • Headshot of Deb James

    Deb James | Associate Director

    Deb has over 12 years of experience as a professional and senior acoustic consultant in Adelaide with an internationally recognised noise and vibration consultancy. Deb specialises in acoustics with niche expertise in a variety of areas including architectural acoustics and specialist spaces, environmental acoustics and transportation noise. Deb has worked on several major architectural projects in South Australia from initial concept and development application phases through to practical completion. She is equally highly regarded in the area of impact assessments and development applications, with her skills being called upon across projects such as the development of government planning policy, particularly with the South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and the Adelaide City Council.

  • Headshot of Jon Cooper

    Jon Cooper | Associate Director

    Jon has more than 10 years of experience in the design and analysis of architectural, industrial, environmental, mining, wind farm and building services acoustics projects. He enjoys being involved in challenging projects and has particular interest in wind turbine noise and specialist architectural spaces. Jon's strengths are his attention to detail underpinned by strong analytical skills and practical experience. He enjoys mentoring others and lectures architectural acoustics modelling to final year engineering students at The University of Adelaide.

  • Headshot of Tom Evans

    Tom Evans | Associate Director

    Tom has 11 years of experience in the assessment of noise and vibration on a wide range of projects, with a particular focus on transport and environmental noise. Tom's strengths are his ability to combine his strong technical understanding with excellent communication skills as well as to understand the different technical, social and environmental constraints on a project. Tom enjoys working on large-scale infrastructure projects, where specialty disciplines such as noise and vibration must work closely with the wider project team to develop practical solutions.

  • Headshot of Andrew Parker

    Andrew Parker | Associate Director

    Andrew brings to the business over 10 years’ experience as a consultant in environmental acoustics and vibration, particularly in the transport and underwater disciplines, as well as noise and vibration control, structural dynamics and fatigue investigations. During his career, he has fulfilled specialist consultant and project management roles on some of Sydney’s most high profile transport projects. Andrew has worked on a range of large commercial and industrial facilities including Coal Handling and Preparation Plants (CHPPs), primarily in the areas of structure-borne noise, structural vibration and fatigue assessment. Andrew also has a particular passion for static and dynamic load testing of structures and has lead many bridge load testing projects working for state and local governments who are focused on evaluating and maintaing their assets.

  • Headshot of Damien van Raaphorst

    Damien van Raaphorst | Associate Director

    Damien has over nine years' experience as a professional acoustic consultant in Australia and the United Kingdom. Damien worked heavily on environmental acoustics projects during his time in the United Kingdom, contributing acoustic expertise on large renewable energy projects such as Wind Farms and Hydroelectricity schemes. In Australia, Damien has both environmental and architectural acoustic experience working across Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Damien has been involved with several large building projects for Australian Government departments. He enjoys assisting clients to achieve their objectives and understand the noise impacts within projects.